zipato servers are not responding...

Marcus Khoo shared this problem 8 years ago

My internet connection is fine but when looking at "climate" on the site, my browser reports that is not responding.

What is the problem please?


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Specific issue is when attempting to configure a thermostat pro.


Hey there i can see your post

  1. Website server issues: It's possible that the server is experiencing technical difficulties or maintenance, causing the site to be unresponsive. In this case, the issue is on their end, and you may need to wait until they resolve it.
  2. Browser-related issues: Try clearing your browser cache and cookies or accessing the website using a different browser. Sometimes, browser-related issues can prevent proper website access.
  3. Firewall or security settings: Your firewall or security settings might be blocking access to the website. Check your firewall settings or antivirus software to ensure that is not blocked.
  4. Network restrictions: If you are accessing the website from a work or public network, there may be certain restrictions in place that prevent access to specific websites or services. Contact your network administrator to inquire about any restrictions.
  5. Local network issues: It's possible that there are network issues within your local network that are affecting access to the website. Try restarting your router or contacting your internet service provider to check for any known issues in your area.

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Emma Lally

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