RaZberry in combination with Zipabox

Theo Koster shared this idea 14 months ago
In Progress

I am thinking of controlling a Raspberry pi from the Zipabox. I would like to use the Zwave protocol, instead of Web based interfaces. Therefore the need of the RaZberry module, for zwave communication. The advantage of using the Zwave interface is reliability, using Web interfaces requires Wifi, and is therefore far less reliable.

The only thing is, the Raspberry PI icm the RaZberry module is used where the Pi is the controller, in my case I need the Pi to be the client that can be controlled from the zipabox.

Any experiences or ideas in this field ?

Kind regards Theo

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I am not using a Razberry board but instead a vision usb-zwave-stick with Openhab2. Trick is to have Zipabox as a primary and raspberry pi as a secondary zwave controller. That works without a problem.