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All my Z-Wave devices are not responding normally

Slashroot shared this problem 6 years ago


After the firmware update all my z-wave device do not respond directly. It takes several 5+ minutes before device responses to an action and my rules are also not working.

Funny part is that i can control RF433 devices

Anyone else has this issue?

(Yes i synchronised, restarted several times etc)

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My rules stopped working 4 days ago.

I had made no modification of settings or rules but after switching off every rule one by one I have found the one which was causing trouble.

Now that it is deactivated everything runs flawlessly.

Did you try to switch off every rules one by one?


My rules are not the problem. All Z-wave devices reported back to the Zipabox (sensors/meters). All RF433 devices were working properly.

Rules were executed only it took 5+ minutes before each device (lamps) would receive the action. I could even see in the live event viewer that all meters and sensors were reporting and now and then a item would be in this view with an old execution time, like sensor reported X at 19:03, light turned at 18:53, meter reported 19:04

I rolled back to the old firmware and all is good now


Did you contact supported about this?

Looks like a devices it yamming your signal.


I had created a support ticket and provided them with a big list of entries where i explained research.

If a device would be jamming the 2i firmware would have this issue also.

Zipato did not have an answer and advised me to stay on 2i firmware for now

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