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Big Problem with virtual swich devices (not considered like a virtual switch devices ???)

Sebastien Bonnet shared this problem 8 years ago
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I have an issue with Zipato Control center.

Now, when I try to add a virtual switch device. The new device is not registered like virtual switch device. It's impossible to get the URL to control them.

I took two pictures, with a virtual switch device which is OK (created yesterday night) and the other with KO result.

And since when I try to create a new virtual switch device, the result is the same.

And if I check rules creator, I can see one of them is considered like a Actuator and the other like a Sensor ???


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Hi Milan,

Let me know, how to build a virtual switch device with activation/desactivation by URL. Because now, I can't do it since yesterday.



Like Milan sad. It's not possible to turn on a virtual switch with a URL. If you want this then use the virtual sensor.

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