Building a security system - what would be the shopping list?

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I am new to Home Automation and I am considering using Zipato in a multiple phase project

initially as a security system,

then expanding by adding fire/carbon monoxide/flood sensors

then adding cameras

then later adding home automation functions.

Traditional security starter systems are normally equipped with

a) an entry/exit alarm keypad ~(maybe with keyfob option

b) PIR movement sensors (some that ignore pets) and

c) window/door magnetic sensors.

Traditional security systems also have a 30 second "arm" and "disarm" audible warning beep (my existing one "Infinity Prime" even has a recorded voice indicating "full arming" or "alarm disarmed"). This is very useful as a prompt to exit the home and an audible beep to tell you the system is armed.

I have always liked the idea that sensors should be installed once only and then used both for security and also home automation and I am particularly keen on the 24hr monitoring station facilities offered by Zipato


Remembering that having a keypad is very convenient as a arm/disarm mechanism... what components would be recommended to build a security system. Particularly:

a) keypad(s) = very useful as a permanent fixture and specially important if you have no smartphone handy

b) PIR Sensors - there are too many sensors on the market to choose from and they all seem to do the same thing. How can I select one over the other? Can I get sensors that also monitor temperature, humidity and light that will not go off if the cat wanders into the room? Which one do you recommend?

c) Magnetic sensors - Ideally these should have the temperature sensor option to give the potential of automatic window closure in the future.



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A) I use the Zipato keypad but only as backup. I automaticaly turn on/off the alarm with the GEO location of my phone.

B) Fibaro Motion Sensor is the best ( (has motion, temp and lux).

C) Fibaro Door sensor works great.


Thanks HeroS! Thats a great response for me to get started.



a) Keypad: Zipato Mini Keypad RFID.

b) PIR Sensors:

Zipato Multisensor quad - detects motion, temperature, light intensity and it is a Door/Window sensor.

Aeon Labs Multisensor - detects motion, temperature, humidity and light intensity.

To avoid false alarms - you have to pair a few sensors together. You can do it by using Cross zoning option in your Security widget. You can set more than one sensor in the group and upon intruder detection alarm will not be activated before second zone confirms detection. For example a PIR sensor will not trigger an alarm when it detects motion (your cat) unless a Door/Window sensor was activated before that.

c) Magnetic sensors: Zipato Multisensor trio - with the standard Door/Window sensor it also monitors temperature and illuminance.

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With cross zoning, can I cross zone between two sensors in the same physical unit.

i.e can the sensors be separate event triggers?

For example, if I buy a "Zipato Multisensor quad" can I "cross zone" the motion detector sensor AND the opening door sensor which will be in the same unit?


Yes you can use different sensors from the same physical device.

In your Partition (for example Ground floor), Zone 1 can be Door/Window sensor and Zone 2 can be Motion detector, both from "Zipato Multisensor quad". Zones will show endpoints (different sensors in your device) not the Device itself.



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