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Calibrate Fibaro FGR-221 roller shutter controller

Jarle Sjøthun shared this problem 11 years ago
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This weekend I have used many hours to figure out why I can't calibrate the Fibaro FGR-221 v2.1-2.3 motor controller. I have the FGR-221 to control my valve motor Belimo LM230A. I want to have the motor stopped at the percentage I choose in the Zipabox. The operating manual for FGR-221 says:

"It should be noted that after proper adding the Roller Shutter Controller to the Fibaro system, it should be calibrated. The calibration process involves performing two complete cycles of opening/ closing the shutter. Properly completed calibration may be verified by setting required position of the shutter using the icon e.g. 30% of shutter opening - the actual opening should correspond to this value/position."

After I have added the device to Zipabox, and then push S1-button to perform a complete cycle the motor stops after about 1s. Is this a known problem?

If I turn off positioning in device manager I manage to fully open (on) or fully close (off) the valve, but not to stop in between. Do you have a solution for me?




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Hi, did you find solution for this ? if FGR-221 is not working, that you are using to control Belimo LM230A ?



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