Enocean Temperature meter Trio2sys T2S10020076

Marc Fontaine shared this question 10 months ago
Need Answer

Dear Sirs,

I installed a temperature meter Trio2sys T2S10020076.The device is well detected by the Zipabox with Enocean module but no value is returned.

Do you intend to add this device as a supported device ?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Best regards,

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I would ask the same question.


Response from Matko: it's not supported and there are no plans to support it :-(

However, you can buy an hour of support for €65 to add a descriptor for an unsupported device. This is pretty expensive for one person, but it occurs to me that if more than one person wants support for the same device, we could split the cost between us. It's worth considering.

I definitely want to buy this sensor.


One thing Marc: did you check all the nodes in Device Manager for the device? Sometimes, the node where the values are being returned is not visible by default. I've sometimes been able to obtain readings for a device by making the correct node visible.