Fibaro smoke sensor FGSS-001 setup problems

Stéphane MIALOT shared this problem 9 years ago

I bought 2 Fibaro Smoke sensors and I face various and random problems to set them up.

One is I do not have the same states on my Iphone, while the setting is absolutely identical (see picture 1) : one is "NO_SMOKE" and the other one is "Capteur OFF".

On my.zipato, it is different : I have "Pas de fumée" and "Inactif". The problem is similar, since I have them translated. But I have also another problem on my.zipato : the temperatur captor of one of the smoke detector appears as a captor and not in the "measures" section (see picture 2).

I do not have this problem on my Iphone ( temperatur measured by this captor is at the right place).

While I was setting up the data, I also had troubles changing the type of device. If I change " Fire captor" with "Temperature measure" and save, my change is not saved... but the icons change on the Iphone (sometimes). Very weird.

Also I had problems getting the state from one detector, but I tested it (long pressure on detector button 3 second) and the state came afterwards. This point seems solved. I had also a problem with one detector that remained during weeks in the state "Fire", without any reason (even at the beginning). I solved this by reinstalling completly the device ( I hope it won't happen again...). So this problem seems to be solve also.

Thanks for your help on the other setting issue.

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Did you solve the problem with the inactive state? I have the same problem with a new FGSS-001 V2.5 sensor. (Old model)


When battery powered, a Fibaro Smoke Sensor communicates with the Z-Wave network main controller buggy rental dubai periodically. Smoke detection is sent immediately.

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