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How to set a thermostat program with iOS application ?

olivier34 shared this question 7 years ago

I am trying to change my thermostat progam in the iOS application. For example from "Program' to "hold until" or "Hold period". When I select the new progam, I can see it works, the thermostat are set to the new targetted temperature (for example 21°C) and my heaters are turned "On" becase actual room temperature is 17°C

But, very rapidly (about 1 minute later), the thermostat program is automatically set back to "automatic program" by the zipabox. (for example thermostat temperature is set back to 18°C and as a consequence the heaters are turned off)

Is there a specific action the needs to be done on th iOS application ?

Note : When I set the thermostat program in the Web GUI, it works well.

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We made some thermostat bug fixes in My Zipato 2.2 which is currently waiting for review. Please let me know if that fixes your issues once it's out. More info here.

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