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no level update with association

John van der Voort shared this question 6 years ago


I have a wall controller ( and a dimmermodule (qubino) included and directly associated.

This works fine. I can control the dimmer without the need of rules.

But i noticed that when i use the wallswitch, the dimming level in the UI/app is not updated. And with one click, the dimmer goes to that last level value in the UI/app.

The current power consumption meter however does update correctly when changing the level.

But in this way, i can not see, when i am not at home for example, if someone has changed the light level. (Ofcourse i can check de powerconsumption, but that is not convenient...)

Is this a bug or is it normal behavior with directly associated devices?


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Hi, it could be related with device which you use, and that they do not support encryption. You need to contact support for those devices.

If you use Zipato controller:

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