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Overlapping text in UI

John van der Voort shared this problem 7 years ago

As you can see in the attachment there is some overlapping text by the alarm option. In Dutch (and maybe other languages?) this text needs more space...

It would be nice if this will be fixed sometime.

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It needs to be optimized by the person who did the translation so it will fit. I deliberately made the slovak language to fit the space.

Please open a ticket with support and provide a shorter text for all statuses. These are:

  1. arm away
  2. arm home
  3. disarmed
  4. arming away
  5. armed away
  6. arming home
  7. armed home
  8. disarmed

As you can see these english versions perfectly match the lenght requirements, so try to be as close as possible (shorter does not matter, only longer matters).


It seems there is a line break between the to options in german translation.


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