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Security disarm in rule creator

Philippe PIERARD shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

I have a few problems with security widget.

I can arm/disarm without any problem alarm with web interface. (sometimes, it seems i need to synchronize, but it works most of time)It doesn't works with iphone app. I can watch if alarm is disarm, home et away but i can't change mode of working with button on iPhone.

On iPad arm, i can't enter my pin code (the '6' digit doesn't work)

last but not least, i have made a rule wich activate alarm every day à 07pm and another which disarm it à 07am. The alarm is well activated but never disarm. I have ever made a second rule at 07h30 am which disarm it once more, the result is the same.

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update: even with manual disarm in web interface, i often have a disarm alarm on interface, but the alarm trigger if i open a door or activate a motion sensor.


I am definitely waiting for the disarm function in rule creator...a must have functionality as far as I am concerned.

PLEASE think again about this restriction ;)

I assume that it is for security reasons, but you could add an option in alarm's configuration to bypass it...

Thanks for your consideration and your work!