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Tasker examples

Adrian Van Der Heijden shared this idea 9 years ago
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Using the Imperihome app plugin with tasker let's you create many individual and automated scenes and tasks. Some examples I have used are attached below. What can u do?

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I also use imperihome app with tasker. I have also set up HTTP devices on zipabox for direct calls from tasker

-Automatic disarm and arm of house based on cellphone's for all family members location (wifi connected currently used but can be done as well with geo)

-Voice control via autowear, autovoice and tasker with imperihome sceens (sadly i can not build a compleate solution since imperihome does not support single device action via the integration and i do not want to have 400 scenes)

-Automatic night-mode (turn off lights, tv and more) when phone/watch is connected to charger between certain times of the day

-NFC tags via trigger/tasker to perform zipabox events and switches

-Morning alarm and weak up will not activate if any cellphones are at home (controlled via tasker to zipabox)

Let me know if you need any info how it was done

If someone knows how to make tasker use zipato API calls please post here. i have so far not manage to get it working

Also to zipato team, why not update the android app with tasker support so we can don't need to use 3ed party app for this.


Hi Nicklaus, I agree with Zipato app being interegrated into Tasker without the need of Imperihome. But I must say that I enjoy being able to customise the screen layout and import other devices not directly supported by the Zipabox.

I would love to see a tutorial on how to use the http actions you have created. The http function is still a little to complex for me as yet. I have found there are not enough support pages or examples.

Please everyone, continue to share and hopefully it will encourage Zipato to have director integration with tasker.


For arming and disarming apartment automatically i created a HTTP sensor for etch person in the household. This gives me one HTTP address for etch persons phone to activate or deactivate a virtual sensor. The state on each sensor will act as a indicator of the person is home or not.

(i would guess it can be done with virtual meter as well but when i set it up the virtual meters was bugged and could not be used)

I then created a rule that trigger on changes on the http sensors, and made a two simple if statement. IF (all http sensors are inactive arm the apartment) and another IF for all sensors active to disarm then disarm the apartment.

All done with zipabox config


For tasker i made two profiles, one for arming the apartment and one for disarming

I have wifi always on so i did chose to use "wifi connected" trigger arming and wifi not connected for arming.

The simplest version i started off with was just to do a http get to the zipabox sensor that was previously created virtual sensor to set the state.

I found it frustrating that the apartment did get armed just due to i did go a few meters outside the apartment so i later on made some tweaking to the arming http so it would not arm right away. First wait 10 min after triggering, then check again if the wifi is connected and if still not it would arm.

I also improved the disarming profile so whenever its executed it would first stop any running arming task and the disarm the apartment. This was done to prevent tasker to have multiple disarm tasks running when leaving and entering the apartment several of times in a short amount of time.

This worked much better but still did have trouble that i traced back to me entering from the garage where i have bad phone reception. The HTTP command was not always successful and there for the arming did not work as it should.

I there for added a check after the http get command to check the return of the call if it was successful or not. If it field it waits 2 sec and then tries again

Added the task below.

(not sure if the exit task is needed or not, however it works now and i feel no need to investigate it)

Arm Entering task:


Arm exiting task:


Disarm (only entering task)fe30573cb831cf4890880a7c5ccc29a8


With tasker I'm testing if I am in my home wifi range . If yes, I trigger a virtual switch and....

open store in summer after work when I'm comming home

put on the frontdoor light for 3 minutes if after sunset

Also, if back door is open, Zipato send me an sms, and tasker read it with key word and activate data and open my ipcam.


better start with this tasker then...seems nice to combine these various scenarios...


tasker is awesome, for more than just home automation, life automation.


Sad that iOS don't have any thing like this.... but if something similar was implemented by Zipato would be nice.

To have ha sensor to be able to do things depending on geo and wifi location would be nice.

But I can imagine that it is very complicated for a smal company like zipato.

But hope is there.


Jacob, you need to jailbreak the IOS. On the cydia you will find something similar to Tasker. Maybe not as advanced but there is.


It is called SBProfiles. Not as advanced as Tasker but can also do some of the things.


or just use IFTTT.

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