Toggle is not working between zwave and Chacon (422mhz) module.

Michael Barbezat shared this problem 10 years ago


Il I create a rule : if chacon button (WBT-912) is toggle then toggle this Fibaro power switch (2x1.5Kw).

Nothing happens when I press on the button.

If I ask the light to toggle when the switch is on, it is workink but I need to press 4 times to toggle.

I need to use 3 switchs to pilot one light, what is the best solution?

Thanks for your help.

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Try replacing the battery in the module.

Also try moving it out of the wall.

If you need to press 4 times, the signal is to weak for some reason.

Also check your switch and wires, a loose connection may also cause this.


Thanks for your answer!

I'll try this this week-end.

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