Z-wave or Zigbee Pro

Marcus Khoo shared this question 9 years ago

Hi everyone,

I read somewhere that "Zigbee Pro" is more secure and reliable than "Z-Wave".

Does anyone have a view on this?

I don't yet have a Zipato system and am wanting to build a security system around one. Obviously, reliability and security will be pretty important. :D


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What country do you live?

Because (not that i know off) there are not many Zigbee devices support by the Zipato and also Zwave is much easier to get (and more choice).


Hi HeroS,

I am from the UK but, being a newbie, am not really aware of the market here for home automation products.

For example, I didn't realise that devices had to be "supported" by Zipato before they work. I thought that the "Zigbee" was a protocol and by supporting the protocol it would automatically support any device that used that protocol.

If you are suggesting that Zipato will only work with "supported" devices, then could I suggest that Zipato build a compatibility matrix somewhere to ensure that customers only purchase items that will work?

If Zigbee Pro end devices are only available in other countries, is there anything that would stop me purchasing those end points from those countries?

BTW Thanks for your quick replies



If a device is not fully supported then not all the functions will work/only the basic stuff will work.

But most (all) z-wave devices are supported. So don't worry about that.

Other countries use a different band:

The Z-Wave Radio uses the 868.42 MHz SRD Band (Europe); the 900 MHz ISM band: 908.42 MHz (United States); 916 MHz (Israel); 919.82 MHz (Hong Kong); 921.42 MHz (Australian/New Zealand).

Please read this:




I would recommend Zwave since it has more devices supported and the security is also very good.



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