Zipabox not working

Henri BLANC (13-Fr.) shared this problem 5 years ago

Help please

My Zipabox was ok since many days but to day, after having logged (Join and reset) several times a new device FGS321 --->>

For several hours nothing works on my zipabox

All devices are active and online.

The rules do not work

The detectors do not see anything

Controls are ineffective

No events in the log

All devices are present in the dashboard

Several POwerON and PowerOFF but always General blockage .

What to do?

thank you

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Only a rule who send mail only with sheduler is OK


I would say: contact support at


Thank you, I contacted support this morning and they work on my zipabox


For information

After analysis of the problem by the team zipato, we had to go through a factory reset because they have located some errors on my Zipabox regarding z-wave network.

An error was encountered while adding a Fibaro FGBS321 with a wiring error on the one-wire, four temperature sensor 18B20. This has led many inclusion / exclusion and it ended with a hung Z-Wave network.

I reinstalled all devices, and it works correctly.

Admittedly it's a bit long but it has allowed the facility to purify dated January and has undergone many corrections and descriptor version.

Thank you to the team zipato who communicated well on the open ticket on the support