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Zipato Trio Sensor

Oliver Schwab shared this question 7 years ago
Need Answer

Hi there,

I have a few Zipato trio sensors and still have some questions.

1) Light sensor seems not to work very well as the max value is about 20%. Is there a way to adjust this?

2) In the configuration setup there are options for the operation mode and multisensor function switch (see attached file). What are these for? Unfortunately I cannot find any documentation about this.

Any help is appreciated.


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1) What do you mean with max level?

2) It's in the manual. Look here:


Hi HeroS,

thanks for point 2). I had checked several time the manual but never made the connection to the settings in the Zipabox ....

Max level means I never get a value higher than 20 although it is full day or the lights are swichted on. So I am wondering if there is a way to calibrate the light sensor.



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