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Robert Hercz shared this question 7 years ago
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Has anyone had any success displaying a Google Calendar in the Zipatile Calendar app (linked from the front screen) ?

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tried, but no success.

As I understand it the device has to be jailbroken to use google services. Might be a license issue, not sure.

Would be great to have the google calendar integration (even if just syncing a remote calendar from a google calendar URL) in the zipatile. The current calendar is rather unusable.


Given the fact that the Zipatile is designed to be placed at the vital center of a house/apartment, having a shared family calendar would be nice. Expecting every family member to stand in front of the Zipatile and plotting appointments into the Zipatile calendar, is probably a bit over the top. The only way for this to work properly, would be to run Google Calendar on a dedicated account to which everyone's personal calendar can be shared.

Does anyone know what it would take to run Google Calendar on the device?

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