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V3 and virtual devices with Alexa

Completed Ste R. Compatibility Comments: 25 Reply 19 months ago by Ste R.
11 votes

Smarthings integration with Zipato V3

Under Consideration Christian R. 19 months ago Compatibility No Comments
1 vote

Nuki Smart-Lock 2.0

Completed Alim K. Compatibility Comments: 5 Reply 20 months ago by Alim K.
3 votes

Firmware update for zipato bulb rgb v2

Completed joselite111 Compatibility Comments: 3 Reply 21 months ago by Ivan D.
1 vote

Zipatile 2 with Google home

Completed Irenijus S. Compatibility Comments: 7 Reply 22 months ago by Sebastian P.
9 votes

Subsystem zipatile 2

Under Consideration Ján Compatibility Comments: 6 Reply 23 months ago by Ján
1 vote

Sun Sensor is missing

Under Consideration 0649a50f62 Compatibility Comments: 4 Reply 4 years ago by David P.
3 votes
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