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Zipatile 2 release

Perry d. General Comments: 41 Reply 22 hours ago by importhomesas
23 votes

How do I add my ESPeasy devices?

Matbee General Comments: 3 Reply 33 hours ago by Waltersmith
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What is the 'Dealer' section for?

Conscious A. General Comments: 1 Reply 3 days ago by derHelle w.
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New zipato android app

Mehdi a. General Comments: 3 Reply 8 days ago by Carlo
9 votes

Migrate from Zipabox 1 to zipabox 2

Falco R. General Comments: 17 Reply 12 days ago by Guenter S.
13 votes

Yet another server issue !

AndrewS General Comments: 2 Reply 13 days ago by Dániel C.
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No Push notice anymore?

Geiss, M. General Comments: 37 Reply 13 days ago by RO G.
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