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Can Zipatile run other Android Apps??

Need Answer Alberto M. General Comments: 8 Reply 22 days ago by yến p.
2 votes

Migrating from MyZipato app (green) to new Zipato app (black) - Android

Under Consideration Stefano P. General Comments: 7 Reply 32 days ago by AP
4 votes

How to uninstall App that was installed via App Repo?

Need Answer The_Freakquency 2 months ago General No Comments
1 vote

How to use API to turn a switch ON/OFF?

Archived Abdalrahman H. Comments: 7 Reply 10 months ago by Fredrik H.
1 vote

Slow Android app

Known Mattias A. General Comments: 12 Reply 17 months ago by Adrian V.
5 votes

Philips Hue: how to switch on/off?

Need Answer Ge2rt 21 months ago General No Comments
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Make font configurable on new mobile UI; it's too large

Known David P. General Comments: 26 Reply 23 months ago by Carlo
13 votes

Direct push messages

Need Answer David P. Rule creator Comments: 3 Reply 23 months ago by David P.
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Local / Remote Connection from Android app

Answered Joakim Å. General Comments: 16 Reply 23 months ago by Simone B.
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Vanishing Custom Icons in Zipato Android app

Archived Vineet B. 2 years ago General No Comments
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