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Displayed temperature with sensor ZP3102

Under Consideration Benjamin R. Thermostat Comments: 1 Reply 3 days ago by Benjamin R.
1 vote

Nest Connectivity

Under Consideration Marcel d. Thermostat Comments: 2 Reply 29 days ago by Marcel d.
4 votes

how to make the virtual thermometer up date HRT4-ZW

Under Consideration Carl B. 2 months ago Thermostat No Comments
1 vote

zipato often hang ups, and stop drawing temperature

Under Consideration Marek S. 3 months ago Thermostat No Comments
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How to control heating in each room separately with single zone boiler

Under Consideration Marcus K. Thermostat Comments: 8 Reply 11 months ago by Thomas V.
5 votes

Some thoughts regarding home heating

Under Consideration Pablo Thermostat Comments: 2 Reply 12 months ago by Pablo
4 votes

Flush On/Off thermostat - Qubino

Under Consideration Thomas N. Thermostat Comments: 2 Reply 17 months ago by Benjamin9
1 vote

'Until Next' not working on Thermostat

Under Consideration Steve S. 4 years ago Thermostat No Comments
2 votes

Thermostat or controller gone bananas?

Under Consideration Ulf W. Thermostat Comments: 2 Reply 4 years ago by Christophe
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