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Thermostat PRO and Danfoss LC13 in V3 environment

Known Luca Thermostat Comments: 1 Reply 7 days ago by Andriano
4 votes

thermostat wrong/freeze

Known V J. Thermostat Comments: 1 Reply 5 months ago by Andriano
1 vote

Zipatile 1 on V3 Thermostat not working.

Known Shawn F. Thermostat Comments: 11 Reply 20 months ago by Gabor B.
5 votes

Virtual Thermostat2 can't add device

Known David 21 months ago Thermostat No Comments
5 votes
5 votes

virtual thermostat

Known Dima 22 months ago Thermostat No Comments
5 votes

Fibaro Heat Controller with Virtual Thermostat PRO

Known Sean C. Thermostat Comments: 5 Reply 6 years ago by vali_g
2 votes

Thermostat function does not work (with StellaZ)

Known Nils N. Thermostat Comments: 6 Reply 8 years ago by Mello
2 votes

Bigg issue with Danfoss battery usage

Solved Gael P. Thermostat Comments: 15 Reply 9 years ago by yves
6 votes
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