Administrate member security privilege

This application note shows how to administrate member security privilege in security partition on Control centar.


1) Enable user access to security settings

To enable user to have access to security settings. First Master member need to active Alarm option within user setting.

  • 1.Click on 'Users'.
  • 2.Click on 'Edit'.
  • 3.Enable Alarm option.
  • 4.Click on 'Save' and Synchronize.

2) Edit user PIN

  • 1.Click on 'Change user PIN'.
  • 2.Enter Master PIN.
  • 3.Enter User PIN.
  • 4.Click on 'Save' and Synchronize.

3) Edit user security rights

  • 1.Click on 'Device Browser'
  • 2.Click on 'Security Partition'
  • 3.Click on 'Edit'
  • 4.Click on tab 'Users'
  • 5.Click on user name.
  • 6.Enable/Disable user security rights
  • 5.Click on 'Save' and Synchronize and reload the dashboard.


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