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3G module and SMS

Archived Ivan A. Comments: 14 Reply 5 years ago by Alberto M.
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3G module not recognized

Archived Thijs S. Comments: 4 Reply 7 years ago by mehrpaad
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Backup Module 4G network instead of USG 3G stick?

Archived Armand Security Comments: 2 Reply 3 years ago by Mirko A.
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Archived hatipoglu79 Comments: 1 Reply 9 years ago by Kead
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Zipato Backup module + 3G stick troubles

Archived Jesper O. Comments: 15 Reply 4 years ago by importhomesas
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What 3g usb modems are supported?

Archived Martin K. 7 years ago General No Comments
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3G stick status

Archived Fredrik A. 5 years ago General No Comments
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