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Zipabox offline all time

Solved LpG 2. Comments: 10 Reply 6 years ago by Pierre-Jean C.
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Offline zipabox !

Solved Claude o. Comments: 4 Reply 6 years ago by Claude o.
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Box offline for > 30min. More cloud trouble?

Solved David P. General Comments: 3 Reply 14 months ago by David P.
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Today Alexa stopped to work with zipato ;-(

Solved Klaus G. General Comments: 25 Reply 2 years ago by JohnR
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All modules OFFLINE after last Update 0.9.988

Archived Janik L. Comments: 5 Reply 4 years ago by Henrik M.
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HUE shows offline in UI but is available and works

Archived acteck Comments: 1 Reply 4 years ago by Jacob W.
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Archived Christoph K. Comments: 13 Reply 4 years ago by Gratje
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Turn off alarm or control ZipaBox when offline?

Answered Mr Z. Comments: 5 Reply 5 years ago by Steve S.
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What does work without an internet connection?

Answered Mattias B. Comments: 11 Reply 5 years ago by Jki
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