Inclusion of zipato RGBW bulb failed on Jeedom with openzwave

Alexis Guével shared this idea 10 months ago
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Unfortunately after many trials I'm unable to include my zipato light bulb in my zwave network. Setup information :

- Jeedom v4.0.61 , dongle zwave usb badodosecurity wd6051, plugin openzwave v1.4

- zipato light bulb rgbw

steps I followed and results I get :

1. Controller in exclusion mode -> OK

2. I'm turning light bulb on -> message "exclusion of a device not in the network"

3. the controller close the exclusion mode (when I'm tapping it does not do anything ..)

4. Controller in inclusion mode -> OK

5. Turning on light bulb (when I'm tapping it does not do anything)

6. the controller close the inclusion mode right after I turned the zipato bulb ON

I joined some logs with this post, I see errors like this :

[2020-11-18 00:38:02][DEBUG] : zwcallback args=[{'controllerState': 'Failed', 'controllerError': 'None', 'controllerErrorInt': 0, 'notificationType': 'ControllerCommand', 'nodeId': 0, 'controllerStateInt': 8, 'controllerErrorDoc': 'None.', 'homeId': 3880691758L, 'controllerStateDoc': 'The command has failed.'}]

[2020-11-18 00:38:02][DEBUG] : Z-Wave ControllerCommand : {'controllerState': 'Failed', 'controllerError': 'None', 'controllerErrorInt': 0, 'notificationType': 'ControllerCommand', 'nodeId': 0, 'controllerStateInt': 8, 'controllerErrorDoc': 'None.', 'homeId': 3880691758L, 'controllerStateDoc': 'The command has failed.'}

[2020-11-18 00:38:02][INFO] : The command has failed. (Failed)

Also this in the other log fileatr thre same time, during the inclusion

2020-11-18 00:38:02.461 Info, FUNC_ID_ZW_ADD_NODE_TO_NETWORK:

2020-11-18 00:38:02.461 Info, ADD_NODE_STATUS_FAILED

2020-11-18 00:38:02.461 Detail, Removing current message

2020-11-18 00:38:02.461 Detail, contrlr, Queuing (Command) Add Node Stop: 0x01, 0x04, 0x00, 0x4a, 0x05, 0xb4

2020-11-18 00:38:02.462 Detail, Notification: ControllerCommand - Failed

Will appreciate some help ! I see my interface updating when I'm try to include it, and logs, so I guess something happening but somehow the bubl can not be added.

Thanks a lot


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I suggest to address this problem in the openzwave community. Looks like the openzwave interface has not handled this bulb in a correct manner.


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Hello Alexis,

tapping on the bulb was not working with me, did you to tap on the bottom on your lamp like on this old post ? it worded for me on Jeedom


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Thanks for describing this issue. I hope you managed to find a solution. As far as I know, these lamps have separate colored, warm white and cool white LEDs. This allows you to create both colorful lighting environments and comfortable white lighting that can be easily adjusted from an iOS or Android smartphone. By the way, I advise you to look for videos on YouTube in which the authors show a solution to a similar problem and share useful tips. I found quite a few of these videos there and noticed that on average, these videos had almost 22 thousand views! I am sure in order to achieve such indicators, their owners have resorted to using the services of to quickly increase their number.