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Copy command for HTTP Request in a rule

Archived William N. Comments: 3 Reply 4 years ago by William N.
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Mini Keypad RFID - 10 users ? and for 50 users ?

Archived ludovic g. 5 years ago No Comments
3 votes

Zipato Security System Improvements

Archived Alberto M. Security Comments: 18 Reply 2 years ago by Alberto M.
24 votes

How to change the AC FAN with Zipato IR Extender?

Archived Filipe P. 4 years ago General No Comments
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Phillips Hue basic HTTP control

Archived Alberto M. Comments: 6 Reply 2 years ago by patrik w.
12 votes

UI tweak for the new UI!!! - everyone MUST READ THIS

Completed Attila H. General Comments: 7 Reply 5 years ago by Adrian V.
13 votes

Issue with Zipato Micromodule Double Switch

Archived Yann M. 5 years ago No Comments
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Zipato slow start after rule sync

Archived Manuel R. 5 years ago Rule creator No Comments
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