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Backup service cost 29 USD per year ?

Need Answer olivier34 General Comments: 5 Reply 49 days ago by Mattias A.
10 votes

Use of Homematic / Homematic IP devices

Need Answer Tobias General Comments: 7 Reply 51 days ago by Puya G.
4 votes

Ikea trådfri remote

Need Answer Kenth R. General Comments: 9 Reply 52 days ago by Dmitry
12 votes

Partition logs not available in android app

Known Olivier L. General Comments: 1 Reply 53 days ago by Erik M.
3 votes

SRT 321

Ruth V. General Comments: 2 Reply 55 days ago by Ruth V.
1 vote

camera and snapshot of Zipatile mirrored

Need Answer enzo General Comments: 29 Reply 59 days ago by Thomas
16 votes

Amazon Echo

Completed Howard C. General Comments: 248 Reply 59 days ago by Andrea F.
72 votes

Store sensor data in InfluxDB.

EL General Comments: 1 Reply 2 months ago by EL
1 vote

PLEASE! Support devices from Xiaomi.

Under Consideration Jimmy L. General Comments: 4 Reply 2 months ago by John R.
30 votes
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