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Zipato Micromodule Energy Meter Reporting Every Minute

Under Consideration Sandro Z. General Comments: 4 Reply 18 minutes ago by Sandro Z.
1 vote

PLEASE! Support devices from Xiaomi.

Under Consideration Jimmy L. General Comments: 12 Reply 28 minutes ago by Dmitry
53 votes

Update Zipatile 1 for V3

Under Consideration tomu General Comments: 2 Reply 1 hour ago by tomu
4 votes

'please enter pin' box keeps popping up

Under Consideration Chad P. 2 hours ago General No Comments
1 vote

Micromocule Power meter - reporting interval

Need Answer Shawn F. General Comments: 3 Reply 6 hours ago by Shawn F.
1 vote

Is new Zipato APP ever going to be released??

Need Answer Alberto M. General Comments: 1 Reply 7 hours ago by Alberto M.
1 vote

Forum abandoned by Zipato?

Need Answer Marcus General Comments: 11 Reply 15 hours ago by Gerardo A.
7 votes

Fibaro FGBS-222 Smart Implant - compatibility

Under Consideration quizzical Compatibility Comments: 9 Reply 22 hours ago by Henning
2 votes

RFID key pad will not stored in devices to arm or disarm

Known acteck Security Comments: 2 Reply 26 hours ago by AP
2 votes

Migrating from MyZipato app (green) to new Zipato app (black) - Android

Under Consideration Stefano P. General Comments: 15 Reply 36 hours ago by AP
4 votes
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