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Frequent connection errors using API from phone

Known David P. General Comments: 3 Reply 41 days ago by Millay M.
1 vote

zipatile offline problem when connecting

Known importhomesas General Comments: 2 Reply 42 days ago by Fabio C.
8 votes

Zipatile not turning ON

Known Viriato0811 General Comments: 15 Reply 50 days ago by Koen C.
10 votes

Zipatile Conformity

Known Zipato g. General Comments: 4 Reply 51 days ago by Chris G.
1 vote

Zipato cloud down again?

Solved Ádám M. General Comments: 31 Reply 52 days ago by Sebastian P.
28 votes

Battery level

Known Juho P. General Comments: 1 Reply 53 days ago by AP
2 votes

No access to at the moment (25.9.2019)

Solved Janne M. General Comments: 9 Reply 55 days ago by John H.
7 votes

Cannot add Heatit zwave thermostat

Solved Ruud S. General Comments: 9 Reply 2 months ago by Göran H.
1 vote
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