Mobile Application - Establishing Local Connection

1. You need to have the latest Zipato Mobile Application installed on your mobile device (phone, tablet, ...)
2. Your mobile device needs to be connected (via WiFi or Ethernet) to the same home router as Zipato Controller so that they are both in the same network. Your home router should behave as a DHCP server (or a DHCP relay for another DHCP server), and your Zipato Controller and mobile device should have an IP address within the same network.

Notice: If above stated requirements are fulfilled, you can connect locally onto your Zipato Controller if your Internet connection for some reason fails.

The Local Access connection is established in the following way:
1. Connect your Mobile device onto your Home Router (e.g. via WiFi)
2. Open Zipato Mobile Application on your Mobile device
3. Enter you user name (e-mail) and password
4. Press on arrow pointing down bellow "Remote connection" letters
5. Find your Zipato Controller will be listed (serial number displayed) and press on it
6. Press "Connect" button and your Local Access connection will be established

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