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Question re Z-wave certification of the Zipato devices

Archived Alexey Y. General Comments: 1 Reply 6 months ago by Alexey Y.
5 votes

zipatile 2 import Z wave from key

Answered J B. Compatibility Comments: 1 Reply 8 months ago by Romain P.
1 vote

Mutiple bugs/problems in Z-wave device configuration

Archived Erik S. Comments: 6 Reply 23 months ago by olivier34
6 votes

Purpose of ZWNTUT option on Z-wave Settings?

Answered Alberto M. General Comments: 13 Reply 23 months ago by Attila H.
1 vote

Zipatile Z-WAVE networks dead

Known Francisco M. General Comments: 9 Reply 2 years ago by Christian E.
4 votes

Aeon Labs Z-wave Wallmote

Completed Alberto M. General Comments: 21 Reply 2 years ago by Attila H.
2 votes

Z-Wave device inclusion timed out

Archived Erik S. Comments: 2 Reply 2 years ago by Fredrik K.
8 votes

Kwikset smartcode z-wave deadbolt support

Archived Syl Comments: 3 Reply 2 years ago by Adrian V.
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