I have a problem with the device, what information should I provide to Zipato Support?

These short information's can help us troubleshoot a problem with your device:
- manufacturer and exact model/type of the device with which you have a problem
- does the joining/inclusion process work normally on you Zipato controller, or in other words said does the countdown start when you choose "Add new device"
- have you successfully joined the device with Zipato controller, if not can you please describe what happened
- if your device has worked normally previously, can you describe if and when did you change something relating to this device on your Zipato controller or on the device itself
- did you change the position/location of this device or Zipato controller
- do you have any obstacles that could interfere with the RF signal between Zipato controller and the device in question
- how far is this device from the Zipato controller

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