My Zipato controller is Offline, what to do?

You can make standard checks on your side:
- check if the Zipato controller is connected to working Internet connection
- check on the router if there is LED indication when Zipato controller is connected
- check if there is any restriction in router settings that won't allow Zipato controller connection to the Internet
- check what kind of LED indication do you have on your Zipato controller (flashing green, steady green, yellow, other-which one)

In cases like this it is usually something wrong with the router or network settings.
As the necessary communication could be broken by the the Firewall or Load balancer (which is not common in the private homes but there can be some in the corporate networks).
To work appropriately the Zipato controller needs to send TCP an UDP packages to the cloud.
TCP: 80, 443, 8080
UDP: 9017
Other than that, the Zipato controller uses NTP and DNS.

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