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Controlling Sonos

Under Consideration Mello General Comments: 31 Reply 2 years ago by karunanithy
5 votes

Sonos added IFTTT support, and options that Zipato dont support.

Under Consideration Adrian V. General Comments: 5 Reply 23 months ago by David P.
6 votes

Great device, but...

Archived Jean-Marc A. General Comments: 5 Reply 3 years ago by Jean-Marc A.
1 vote

Rules with Wait sentence not working

Archived Serge K. Rule creator Comments: 6 Reply 3 years ago by Serge K.
1 vote

Adding Sonos

Archived Petter G. Comments: 21 Reply 4 years ago by Thijs S.
8 votes

Sonos Control problem

Archived Agusta 3 years ago General No Comments
2 votes

Sonos - connection

Archived Mads L. Comments: 6 Reply 3 years ago by Vedran B.
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Can Zipatile run other Android Apps??

Answered Alberto M. General Comments: 11 Reply 2 months ago by arianapham1
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Zipatile and Sonos

Answered Hector R. General Comments: 6 Reply 6 months ago by J.P. F.
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