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How to check if a box is online (works with two boxes only)

Under Consideration acteck 7 months ago Rule creator No Comments
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How to use API to turn a switch ON/OFF?

Archived Abdalrahman H. Comments: 7 Reply 8 months ago by Fredrik H.
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Zipato: HTTP UUID format in new firmware

Need Answer David P. 8 months ago General No Comments
4 votes

Virtual Level Control Problem

Known Punica S. 8 months ago General No Comments
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"Old" virtual switches do react on URL request, new ones not

In Progress acteck General Comments: 17 Reply 9 months ago by Olivier L.
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Respond with a value on URL

Need Answer Fredrik A. 12 months ago General No Comments
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Set virtual level meter by http

Need Answer Beat General Comments: 1 Reply 17 months ago by Arguimbau
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Interfacing Arduino or Raspberry Pi to Zipabox / Zipatile

Need Answer Alberto M. General Comments: 13 Reply 18 months ago by raman d.
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Phillips Hue basic HTTP control

Archived Alberto M. Comments: 6 Reply 2 years ago by patrik w.
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