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How to set Fibaro module parameters?

Answered Bambam Comments: 3 Reply 8 years ago by Bambam
3 votes

Paramètre AUTO OFF "disable" impossible.

Solved LAURENT V. Comments: 9 Reply 8 years ago by LAURENT V.
3 votes

I'd like to save my zipabox configuration

Archived Alfredo D. Comments: 2 Reply 5 years ago by evil_drummer
9 votes

Support for Merten 50604 4xbinary switch

Archived Frederic H. Comments: 1 Reply 6 years ago by EddyZWave
4 votes

Parameters refefence of Düwi 05459

Archived Claude o. 7 years ago No Comments
1 vote

No parameter Fibaro Relay Switch FGS 212

Archived Christoph K. General Comments: 3 Reply 6 years ago by HeroS -.
1 vote

Touch panel switch with NO configuration

Solved Krisztian General Comments: 1 Reply 13 months ago by Ivan D.
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Reversed Position for shutter not saved (V3)

In Progress G S. General Comments: 4 Reply 13 months ago by G S.
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