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Network heal not listing some mains connected devices

Archived Attila H. Comments: 6 Reply 2 days ago by Germ E.
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Archived Hans General Comments: 19 Reply 4 days ago by he k.
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List of IP cameras that work with Zipabox

Archived Mel General Comments: 7 Reply 12 days ago by Tutors E.
9 votes

Play a rule if scenario played

Archived JC Comments: 7 Reply 17 days ago by novikf n.
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How to change the AC FAN with Zipato IR Extender?

Archived Filipe P. General Comments: 1 Reply 27 days ago by peter j.
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Running Scenes with Virtual Switches

Archived Vineet B. Rule creator Comments: 2 Reply 2 months ago by peter j.
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List of supported Device

Archived Marcel F. Comments: 2 Reply 2 months ago by MyWheels
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Zipato Servers Down???

Archived Alberto M. General Comments: 12 Reply 2 months ago by Mariah C.
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Set temp offset on multisensor

Archived Ingve General Comments: 3 Reply 2 months ago by Tom C.
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