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Get Device's Data From Zipato's API

Need Answer Thibaud D. Comments: 9 Reply 33 days ago by Thomas S.
4 votes

Scenes doesn't work on iOS

Solved Thibault W. Comments: 6 Reply 43 days ago by Zipato g.
1 vote

yellow steady light

Solved sebastien c. Comments: 7 Reply 52 days ago by J_A_G
3 votes

Device Tamper ---->> Security ALARM

Answered Henri B. Comments: 21 Reply 2 months ago by Martin
4 votes

Fibaro "The Button"

Need Answer Jochen K. Comments: 38 Reply 2 months ago by AP
4 votes

2 Step Verification for the Web UI

Under Consideration Rob K. Comments: 9 Reply 3 months ago by Anyet T.
24 votes

Zipabox and SMS

Answered mimix Comments: 17 Reply 3 months ago by Planet A.
18 votes

Local mode API ?

Answered DaBoss Comments: 54 Reply 3 months ago by Millay M.
30 votes

Netatmo compatibility

Planned Kantarno Comments: 71 Reply 3 months ago by AP
134 votes
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