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Google home assistant with Zipatile 2

Completed Irenijus S. General Comments: 5 Reply 28 days ago by Sebastian
1 vote

Upgrade the wifi antenna

Completed Burick G. General Comments: 1 Reply 29 days ago by Dino M.
3 votes

Zipabox will not save configuration change of devices

Completed W v. General Comments: 12 Reply 29 days ago by David P.
3 votes

Intercoms supported to used on Zipatile2

Completed Tomas General Comments: 8 Reply 32 days ago by Sebastian
2 votes

V3 Server and New Zipatile Launcher

Need Answer HazzyD 33 days ago General No Comments
3 votes

IOS App for Apple Watch

Completed Anke M. General Comments: 2 Reply 33 days ago by Jennie c.
5 votes

how to capture P1 output to NAS

Under Consideration Walther d. 35 days ago General No Comments
1 vote

WTH: Sync doesn't work, AGAIN

Solved Caius L. General Comments: 1 Reply 35 days ago by Mario Z.
6 votes
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