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Please Add support for Transparent Icon Backgrounds in Zipatile.

Under Consideration Matthew K. General Comments: 2 Reply 2 days ago by Stipe J.
3 votes

Compensation for translation

Completed Tuomas L. General Comments: 3 Reply 9 days ago by Max P.
3 votes

Foscam C1 as Sound and Motion Sensors in Zipabox

Under Consideration Tom S. General Comments: 2 Reply 13 days ago by Emilio C.
2 votes

Functionality to EASE replacement of defective devices

Under Consideration Robert H. General Comments: 9 Reply 14 days ago by David P.
4 votes

Support of Popp KFOB-C 4 buttons keyfob

Under Consideration Junk N. General Comments: 10 Reply 15 days ago by Stefan
3 votes

Easier way to Replace defective lamps/bulbs ?

Under Consideration Robert H. General Comments: 2 Reply 16 days ago by Celeste J.
3 votes

Amazon Echo

Completed Howard C. General Comments: 248 Reply 59 days ago by Andrea F.
72 votes

PLEASE! Support devices from Xiaomi.

Under Consideration Jimmy L. General Comments: 4 Reply 2 months ago by John R.
30 votes

Logic Soft ZHC5010 (Fantastic news)

Completed Martin D. General Comments: 21 Reply 2 months ago by Tobias T.
4 votes
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