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Virtual switch with return

Answered Kristian O. Comments: 2 Reply 18 months ago by Chaser W.
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Important bugs identified in the partition alarm

Solved Alfredo D. Comments: 4 Reply 10 years ago by Alfredo D.
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How to set the battery value of a virtual sensor?

Archived Guest Comments: 6 Reply 9 years ago by Guest
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No temperature with the EZMotion+ sensor

Archived Henk J. Comments: 9 Reply 9 years ago by Simone B.
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New Fibaro motion sensor not completely supported

Archived Marcel S. Comments: 7 Reply 8 years ago by Ge2rt
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HowTo for connect 433Mhz Door Sensor

Archived derHelle w. Comments: 5 Reply 8 years ago by derHelle w.
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433 MHz sensor sensor scan

Archived Pål A. Comments: 6 Reply 7 years ago by Joakim
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will hidden sensors work properly?

Archived Naarz 8 years ago No Comments
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Fibaro IO module sensors not shown

Archived Lars Comments: 8 Reply 8 years ago by Remco
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Fibaro FGMS-001 Motion Sensor with Pet/Cat

Archived Peter v. General Comments: 1 Reply 8 years ago by Peter v.
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