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Can I delete the "Alarm" device if I don't use it?

Need Answer David P. General Comments: 2 Reply 10 hours ago by Henning
1 vote

Use Zipataile as music server Also

Need Answer Pardik S. General Comments: 4 Reply 16 hours ago by David R.
1 vote

Z-Wave Water level sensor for water tank

Answered Alberto M. General Comments: 13 Reply 2 days ago by quizzical
3 votes

Battery li-on backup module

Need Answer Andre General Comments: 3 Reply 10 days ago by John K.
1 vote

GE 3-Way Switches

Need Answer Nathan General Comments: 14 Reply 12 days ago by Nathan
1 vote

Device hidden, disappear from everywhere (browser, rule creator)

Need Answer Gaben General Comments: 12 Reply 14 days ago by Gaben
1 vote

Google Home compatibility with Zipabox

Answered CYRIL M. General Comments: 71 Reply 15 days ago by Julio
35 votes

API documentation

Need Answer Mohammed A. General Comments: 1 Reply 16 days ago by OLiver
1 vote

Zipatile running itself on the front screen a Zipato app

Answered Pablo General Comments: 5 Reply 16 days ago by Rose P.
2 votes
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