Rule Example - Receive push notifications via PushingBox and Newtifry

This application note shows how to receive notification on your smartphone when a event is triggered in your Zipato Controller.

Project aim
-Receive notification from Zipato Controller

Zipato Controller configuration

-Zipato Door/Window sensor
-Zipato Controller

Setup and Control
The Zipato Door/Window sensor was ‘Included’ into the Z-Wave network by ‘Adding’ it to the Zipato Controller, further information is available in "Adding new devices on the Zipato Controller" section.
Then we created the following rule in the Zipato Rules Creator to send a HTTP request. For more details see the "Introduction of Rules Creator" section.

This rule works as follows:
-When the door is opened, a HTTP request is send to PushingBox

PushingBox configuration
1. Login to PushingBox
2. Add the service Newtifry
    a. Install Newtifry on your Smartphone and configure it to your phone account
    b. Go to and login with your phone account, your device should be showed
    c. Create a new source and enable it
3. Go to My Scenarios, enter the name and key of your new Scenario and click 'Add'
4. Click 'Add an Action' and add your Newtifry action 'MySmartphone'
5. Enter the title and the message of your notification and click on 'Submit'
6. Copy your DeviceID

Configure HTTP request
- Enter the URL'Device...' with your DeviceID at the end (without the quotation mark)
- Save and synchronize

Result: after you open the door, you will get a push notification in Newtifry application on your smartphone.


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