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"re-apply device descriptors" What is?

Archived vincenzo e. General Comments: 4 Reply 3 days ago by Tamás E.
15 votes

Zipatile Conformity

Archived Zipato g. General Comments: 5 Reply 4 days ago by Alan L.
1 vote

Firmware Upgrade

Archived Janiv R. General Comments: 14 Reply 5 days ago by Reynolds J.
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architect electro map of devises

Archived Laurens S. General Comments: 1 Reply 8 days ago by Ciara V.
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I can't registrer my Zipabox

Archived JC Comments: 11 Reply 16 days ago by Alex R.
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Add procedures in Rules Creator

Archived Mr Z. Comments: 2 Reply 21 days ago by Ciara V.
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Adding Spotify playlists to Sonos queue?

Archived Christian Rule creator Comments: 8 Reply 23 days ago by jerrynelson
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Archived Clurk Comments: 4 Reply 25 days ago by hafiz t.
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