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"re-apply device descriptors" What is?

Archived vincenzo e. General Comments: 4 Reply 17 months ago by Tamás E.
15 votes

Login to iOS or Android app by PassCode or pattern code

Archived mohsen.tnz Comments: 13 Reply 17 months ago by Ciara V.
3 votes

architect electro map of devises

Archived Laurens S. General Comments: 1 Reply 17 months ago by Ciara V.
2 votes

I can't registrer my Zipabox

Archived JC Comments: 9 Reply 18 months ago by Alex R.
2 votes

Improvments on Virtual Thermostat

Archived Mats V. Thermostat Comments: 3 Reply 18 months ago by herri j.
3 votes
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Boot/Shutdown PS4 or a FireTV with Zipato?

Archived Christoph General Comments: 10 Reply 19 months ago by jonnwarne
2 votes

When <Scheduler> or <Scheduler>

Archived Klaus G. Rule creator Comments: 4 Reply 20 months ago by Josep C.
4 votes

Cant register

Archived Erik S. Comments: 5 Reply 21 months ago by Tara R.
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