Adding new devices in Zipato Control Center

Before adding new device, it is recommended to bring device closer to Zipato Controller, so that no obstacle can interfere with operating range of device. Recommended distance between sensors and Zipato Controller is less than one meter. Please read device instructions regarding inclusion/join mode. Device in inclusion/join mode is awake and ready for joining in to Zipato network. Always reset device before adding it to the network. Reset deletes any information about prior controller that was stored in device. At the end of joining or removing session it is recommended to synchronize everything and refresh Zipato Control Center.

How to add a device?
1. Log in into Zipato Control Center Dashboard (Zipato's Web Graphical User Interface)
2. Go to the “Device manager” button at the left sidebar and press on “Add new device” button
3. In "Add new device wizard" please select network protocol you want to use (e.g. Z-Wave)
4. Please follow the "Add new device wizard" instructions (for Z-Wave devices Reset/Exclusion process will start automatically before Joining process)
5. At the end "Add new device wizard" will do an automatic synchronization of data between your Zipato Controller and Zipato Cloud Server, and afterwards you will get "Device Joined" message
6. After you have successfully added your device into your Zipato network go to “Device manager”, click on the Network protocol of this device (e.g. Z-Wave) and you will see the joined device
7. Here you can configure your device settings like visibility (where it is shown), it's type and room name, ...


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