PulseWorx - Adding AM1-12 Appliance Module

Before you start adding this device please make sure you have successfully connected Powerline Interface Module (PIM) with Zipabox via Security, Backup or Serial Module. See: "PulseWorx - Adding PIM-U Powerline Interface Module (USB)"

To successfully include this device:
1. Go to "Device Browser" or "Device Manager" and please select „Add new device“
2. In "Add new device wizard" choose "Pulseworx" logo/network
3. Put your Pulseworx device in set-up mode by pressing Program button five times rapidly, thereafter LED indication on the device will start blinking
4. Next choose your device from the displayed list in "Add new device wizard"
5. After few moments if inclusion process finished successfully you will notice steady blue light on your device
6. Refresh your Internet Browser and the new Device should be visible in Device Manager section under UPB network and in Device Browser section

Notice: If set-up of this device fails, please set this device to its factory defaults (described in manufacturer's manual) and try again.

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