Zipabox Security Module - Configuring zones

First step you need to do is to connect/install Zipato's Security Module on Zipabox. For this please see article: "Zipabox Security Module - Connecting and installing"

Zipabox Security Module adds wired alarm functionality to Zipabox. On Zipabox Security Module you can connect:
6 x wired zones
1 x optically isolated 12V input
1 x supervised wired bell/siren output
1 x programmable output
1 x supervised 12V auxiliary power supply for powered wired sensors
1 x USB port
1 x serial/UART port, user selectable between RS-232 mode and half-duplex RS-485 mode
1 x lead acid batter charger (when using Security Module as a basis for an alarm system, the Backup Module can not provide enough voltage to support wired sensors/siren and can not be used to power Zipabox and modules in case of a power failure. Please use SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) battery for power backup with Security module)

In this tutorial it is explained how to add and configure 6 x wired zones:
1. Security Module Zone 1 - Door Sensor configured as Normally Closed Zone
2. Security Module Zone 2 - Window Sensor configured as Normally Closed Zone
3. Security Module Zone 3 - Motion Sensor configured as Single End-of-Line Resistor
4. Security Module Zone 4 - Motion Sensor configured as Double End-of-Line Resistor Zone
5. Security Module Zone 5 - Flood Sensor configured as Normally Closed Zone
6. Security Module Zone 6 - Flood Sensor configured as Normally Closed Zone

Note: In Security Module Zone settings ("Configuration" tab) it is necessary to select appropriate Zone Wiring according to the physical installation and setting you have done on your side for the individual sensor. On how to connect individual sensors / devices appropriately and configure them as Normally Closed, Single End-of-Line Resistor or Double End-of-Line Resistor Zone, please check manufacturers manual and Zipato's Security Module manual. Not selecting appropriate Zone Wiring and not connecting the sensor appropriately could result with unwanted results and even malfunction of Zipabox Security Module and connected sensors/devices.

Note: In Security Module Zone settings ("General" tab) it is necessary to De-select check-boxes for all zones you wish to use, otherwise they might not work properly nor show properly in the Zipato's User Interface.

In tutorial it is also shown where to find following outputs/input:
1. Security Module optically isolated 12V input
2. Security Module supervised wired bell/siren output
3. Security Module programmable output


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